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Who better to deliver workshops on brief writing and creative evaluation than people who have spent their whole careers in advertising?

If you're a marketer who works with ad agencies, we help make the whole process smoother – and ensure your advertising dollars are being spent wisely.

maximizing ROI on marketing

There are two parts of the creative process that can lead to wasted time, wasted money, and a whole lot of unnecessary frustration: brief writing and creative evaluation.

Get to briefs as inspiring as the work that comes out of them.

Give feedback that moves the work forward. Like our other clients, you'll soon find that improving your capabilities in these areas will pay dividends.


sessions will help you:

  • Better understand the process of creative development.

  • Develop a vocabulary to create more focused briefs.

  • Cultivate criteria to effectively evaluate creative work.

  • Obtain tools to provide actionable feedback.

as a result you will:

  • Enhance capabilities and boost confidence

  • Communicate more effectively.

  • Streamline creative development process.

  • Eliminate inefficiencies and miscommunication.

  • Collaborate better with agency partners.



Tailored to your needs and using the latest pedagogical techniques to ensure success, workshops will give you and your team the tools to need to navigate the creative development process. They can be delivered as half-day or full-day sessions.

For Humans by Humans

Creating Creative Briefs That Resonate

Through exercises, case studies, and 'on-the-spot' brief development, attendees will:

  • Better understand the true role of a creative brief and why it even matters

  • Be able to identify the briefs that will lead to great work

  • Discover to craft audience insights that resonate

  • Appreciate the correlation between great creative briefs and great creative work

  • Be better equipped to evaluate briefs generated by agency partners

Getting to Goldilocks

The Art of Creative Evaluation

Through hands-on activities and real-world case studies, attendees will:

  • Appreciate the consequences of helpful versus unhelpful feedback

  • Develop tools to enhance approaches to reviewing creative work

  • Cultivate a language to more effectively communicate issues

  • Acquire tips on streamlining the creative process

  • Eliminate wasted resources and minimize frustration



Available as single sessions or as part of an ongoing series, these offer a primer or refresher on aspects of the creative process.

The Heart of the Matter


The art and science of unearthing true consumer insights

Lights and Grips and Cameras, Oh My


Who's who and what's what on production

Igniting the Spark


Crafting creative briefs to achieve any business objective

Been There, Achieved That


What successful campaigns have in common and how to replicate that success

Making the Logo Bigger?


Ways to effectively deliver creative feedback to keep the work moving forward

State of the Union


A look at the changing face of the industry and why the pessimists have got it wrong

Why Better Work Works Better


How to impact the bottom line through impactful creative

Chicken, Meet Egg


How the interplay of media and creative can enhance integrated marketing communications

Together At Last


What the convergence of creativity, media and technology mean for the marketing landscape

Talking Less, Playing More


How brands win when they focus on experiences and engagement in a world where everything is branding

Coming Unstuck


An insider's guide to the genesis of creative ideas

Stories Not Starbursts


A short presentation about presentations


a century of experience

the mythos company is a collective of multidisciplinary advertising professionals committed to helping clients foster better relationships with their agencies.

Leading this band of experts is Gary Fox-Robertson, an SVP/Creative director whose work has garnered countless international awards, including induction into the Clio Hall of Fame.

His passion, extensive industry knowledge, and creativity has made him an in-demand trainer for clients from Shanghai to Chicago, Lausanne to Queretaro, Moscow to Mountain View.


Gave a clear framework for focusing on
what truly matters when giving creative feedback.​

Brand Manager, Tyson Foods


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